Steve Jobs Schools Opening in the Netherlands

SJS-logoSo, I’ve really become a Steve Jobs School fan. Having never visited or experienced one for myself, I can only discuss them based on what I’ve researched via websites and articles. I’ve decided to post a blog on Steve Jobs Schools because I’ve become aware of how very excited I am about the possibilities of these types of programs. I feel it…if you can understand what I mean by that. It’s not just that I’m in agreement with the philosophy behind their creation, it’s because I’m literally excited and want to tell people about them…so now I am.

So what are Steve Jobs Schools?

Basically, they are schools that use what is called the O4NT method or approach.

Using this approach, each student will learn by using educational apps and tools on their own individual iPad. According to the Steve Jobs School press release “teachers will no longer simply convey knowledge to a group of children; they will be transformed into coaches that support children with their individual and group projects. Because educational apps are used for basic skills, the learning process can be completely adapted to the individual child’s learning speed and style.

“When they are in the physical school building, the children will move around the various ‘subject rooms’ according to their individual schedule, e.g. the language room, math room, creative lab, gym or technology lab. They can also attend planned activities that they have registered for. Parents can follow via a special app exactly what their child has been doing during the day and the children also maintain their own portfolio, documenting their progress and achievements.

“School hours and vacations will be very flexible once the O4NT method is completely implemented. Because the ‘virtual school’ is available on iPad 24/7/365, parents are free to book their vacation at a convenient time and to determine what their child’s school hours will be. School and out-of-school care are seamlessly integrated.” To read more from the press release, click here.

Please visit the website for the Steve Jobs School to learn more about the program and a list of the iPad educational apps that the students will be using.