ImageI’ve just started using LiveBinders to organize journal articles for my dissertation. Using this tool makes it easy to upload documents from a URL and be able to view it online inside one of the binders instead of having to download and save these articles to my jump drive, Dropbox, or Skydrive. The main issue I have with saving the pages/articles is that I have to name the files and then remember what I saved them as so that I find them. With LiveBinders, the article itself is on a page. The actual page/article that I have been viewing is visible within the binder. I’m sure I could create something similar, but with LiveBinder all I have to do is create a tab within my chosen binder, enter the URL, and that’s it. It’s there when I open the tab. I can name the tab by the subject, author, or any information that I think will help me locate it later when I need to reference that article.

The reason I wanted to share is because of the organizational properties that are available with this tech. tool. There are also a lot of example binders of ways in which they can be used to give you ideas of how you can customize each binder for your particular use. I’ve given you an example of the way in which I’ll be using my binders, but I’m sure you can think of different ways that you can make use of them. The binders can also be shared publicly online and with others in your network/work group.

Personally, I hope that using LiveBinders will help organize the hundreds of references that I will be using throughout my dissertation process. I’ve been looking for alternatives to printing or saving documents and this seems to fit my purposes perfectly, but…we’ll see.