Telling My Story: Make a Bio-cube

On the first day of class, we took a look at the use of Bio-cube in the classroom. The idea is to utilize the Bio-cube to tell a story. As the name suggests it’s a way to tell a personal story about themselves or others (biographies). The Bio-cube could also be adapted and incorporated into any class. For our purposes, it was use as a get to know you exercise at the beginning for the course. Here’s a little bit about the Bio-cube:

phpThumb_generated_thumbnailWebsite: Telling My Story: Make a Bio-cube

Activity Description

The Bio-Cube tool asks children to describe a person using key pieces of information. Constructing an “All About Me” cube gives children a chance to share interesting details and thoughts about themselves, including their biggest obstacles and important quotations. Get into the spirit by making a Bio-Cube about yourself before sharing the activity. Children can also use the cubes as the basis for a short writing task.

Why This Is Helpful

Successful students can do more than just understand what they’ve read; they can also boil it down to the essential information. The Bio-Cube tool helps children condense what they want to say about themselves. The cube activity also offers a chance for self-discovery, allowing children to see how complex they are.

This activity was modified from the ReadWriteThink lesson plan “Getting to Know You: Developing Short Biographies to Build Community.”