Versal- Easy to use course design

Versal“Create captivating learning experiences”

A colleague shared this site with me and I have to say that I’m in love!! Versal is a FREE resource for creating visually stimulating, interactive, and fun educational lessons. Versal can be published online allowing you to share it with your students or make it public on the web. You can also embed the course directly into your LMS, blogs, and websites. The best part about Versal is the level of creativity and interaction that is available. Primarily, the graphic options that are available, create a visually pleasing course that any student or teacher will appreciate.

When creating your course, you can CURATE by import existing materials and display items found on the Web. You can easily STRUCTURE and restructure your course by organizing and moving content around within the lessons and sections, as well as inserting “road-block style” quizzes so that you can make sure that students understand the material that has been covered before they move on. You can also COLLABORATE with colleagues in real-time, similar to GoogleDocs and other online real-time tools, to pool knowledge and you can create teams to allow students to take the lead. You can CUSTOMIZE your course by incorporating text, video, images, quizzes, and the coolest thing of all…INTERACTIVE GADGETS.

The following are examples of the primary interactive gadgets that are available via Versal:

  • The Timeline Gadget allows you to create interactive timelines
  • The Diagram Gadget allows you to create interactive diagrams
  • The Categories Gadget allows you to create interactive matching items
  • The Typing Test Gadget allows you to determine student typing speed  

To explore further, click on the Versal logo above or visit

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50 Education Technology Tools You Can Start Using Today

I came across this blog post on Edudemic and wanted to share. Below is an image of a Symbaloo Gallery Webmixof 50 Apps that you can use in the classroom. The Gallery was made by LaSonya Cobbs,an Instructional Technology Specialist for New Caney ISD, where she works with teachers to integrate technology in their classrooms.

Click image to go to the 50 Apps Webmix