Lino is a free online tool that you can use to create a wall or canvas similar to that of a bulletin board. You use what look like sticky notes to post images, videos, documents, and files. It’s colorful and fun to use. You can use lino as a collaboration tool with other teachers and/or students and parents. You can use it as a calendar or a reminder board for your class or yourself. I could also see this being used for community service boards since they can be shared and those who are allowed to post to the board can do so when needed.

You can also use it for a class project as I did. I created a lino board that provides a lot of information on copyright laws regarding Fair Use and the TEACH Act for teachers. It’s worth checking out. You can view my lino board by clicking here.

Lino is also mobile and can be shared publicly or privately. Each lino board comes with its own link or URL that you can post to any page or share via email.

Here is a lino board that has all the info. on lino: How to lino


Can a board game teach coding to preschoolers?

blue-6201-300x229NPR posted a story that came across my Facebook page. The author, Elise Hu, tells us about how a new board game is targeting preschoolers in the hopes of teaching them how to code. You can view Hu’s article This Board Game Aims to Teach Preschoolers How to Code by clicking here.

To briefly summarize the article, the board game was developed by start-up entrepreneur and former Google employee, Dan Shapiro. He decided to come up with a way to play a game with his kids that wouldn’t bore him. So, he came up with his own game called Robot Turtles. It’s a board game, not a computer game, that teaches the fundamentals of programming. The game doesn’t use words to do this. Instead, children learn “by cutting out clip art cards and moving the cards based on what the kids were doing”.

Curious? If so, check these out:

50 Education Technology Tools You Can Start Using Today

I came across this blog post on Edudemic and wanted to share. Below is an image of a Symbaloo Gallery Webmixof 50 Apps that you can use in the classroom. The Gallery was made by LaSonya Cobbs,an Instructional Technology Specialist for New Caney ISD, where she works with teachers to integrate technology in their classrooms.

Click image to go to the 50 Apps Webmix