Curriculum Design Pays!!

Attention teachers, all that time you spend writing lesson plans, developing activities, and putting together materials for your classes, can make you some extra cash!!

Teachers Pay Teachers Website
Click the image to visit the site.

 A website where teachers can post their curriculum and activity materials for other teachers to purchase. Why not?!! Putting materials together for class takes time and effort, so why not share and get a little financial assistance to boot? This site is dedicated to helping teachers spend less time re-creating the wheel and more time locating quality materials that they can put to use. This saves time so we can focus on the most important aspect of teaching…the instruction!! Also, when you put together a lesson and incorporate activities, media, etc. why just keep it to yourself? Why not share and see if someone would like to purchase it from you? It’s a win-win for all!! Membership is free and there are plenty of resources to be found as well.



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