Movie Maker using Your Own Images and Music


At Animoto, we live by two basic philosophies: make it simple, and make it beautiful. And we’re proud to offer you the simplest way to create the most beautiful videos online, whether for yourself, your friends, your family, or your business.”

Animoto is a user-friendly site that allows you to upload your own images and add your own music to create mini-movies. If you go for the free option, you can make short 30 second mini-movies. A good option for classroom presentations. Students can use these mini-movies to showcase their work, similar to a portfolio. The movies can be shared or embedded. For a reasonable price, you can upgrade your subscription enabling you to make longer movies with greater movie making options (access to a larger variety of templates). I created a short video using only a short selection of photos from our current Halloween yard decorations that I had recently shared on Facebook. Which, by the way you can have access to through Animoto as long as you are willing to grant the site access to your information. You can also use your Instagram images following the same process for sharing your information with Animoto. If you have an issue with allowing access to your accounts, you can always simply upload your images from your own computer.

Here is the Halloween video that I created: Cleveland Halloween Animoto Video

It’s short, but you can get a general idea of how it works. Also, you can see that you also have the option to add text to your video. I used a simple one “Cleveland Halloween; BOOOO!!!”. I wasn’t very creative when it came to what to write, but I think it fit in really nicely with the photo stream. All in all, I really liked the application. I’m planning on using it to create a short video for my son’s birthday. I intend to use images from his birth until now to share with our family and friends who live in different states. Most likely I will post it on Facebook and tag my family and friends so they can have access to it.

Below I’ve listed the pricing plans so you can get an idea of how much it costs to use Animoto. Again, it’s free, as long as you want to create short videos.




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